365 day photo challenge October 5

On The Amazing Race a roadblock is a task only one person can perform. (It is also something Phil explains every single episode). For me, a roadblock is a day where either nothing of interest happened, or nothing I am willing to share happened! This holds up the works while I try to think of a photo for the day. Friday was one such day.


365 day photo challenge April 1

Mr Pigalina and I took the dog to the beach with the intention of sitting and maybe having a paddle. We were there less than 5 minutes before Mr Pigalina spotted two girls a long way out at sea indicating that they were in trouble. What was supposed to be a leisurely stroll turned into a rescue operation involving 2 policemen, a helicopter, a boat, 2 surfers and a lady in her undies with a child’s bodyboard. All ended well but I had no camera with me (6 devices capable of taking photos all at home!!) so you will have to settle for this photo of my, fabulous, artistic rendition. And no, the tale is not an April fools.

365 day photo challenge January 14

Spent a good portion of time drawing dinosaurs for my nephew. He starred in each drawing and then he modified them with ingenious ways to escape the dinosaurs – such as throwing baby dinosaurs into their jaws so he had time to escape.