Well, my choice of movie was pretty much made for me.  I had to work in the morning, even though it was my day off, and I was supposed to finish at noon.  But right on noon the boss made me do more jobs so I didn’t get out of there until about 12.25pm.  I got round to the cinema and checked the board, I could see Downfall or Millions which had just about started so I chose Downfall to give me time to get food too.  Then I noticed, after I had got my ticket that I hadn’t missed The Machinist, it just hadn’t been on the board when I looked so I had assumed I had missed that too.
Downfall was a good film though.  It follows the last few days of Hitler, he has turned into a crazy old beast (not that he was the sanest of creatures beforehand).  He now no longer cares what happens to the Germans and his regime is falling apart as he makes ridiculous military decisions that are doomed to fail.  Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propoganda, is played by an scary looking man, he has very angular features.  The person I ended up hating the most out of this film though wasn’t Hitler, but Goebbel’s wife who was so into National Socialism that she took to her bed saying that without National Socialism there was no future.  She then proceeded to murder all six of her children so that they wouldn’t grow up in a world without Nazis.  Psycho.  You almost, I said almost, feel sorry for Hitler in places.  His wife was also a weirdo, blindly following his orders.  “You’re the Fuhrer” she tells him, even when her pregnant sister’s husband is sentenced to death because it is Hitler’s will.
The scenes of a war-torn, ruined Berlin were excellent, giving a feeling of a real war zone.  I really enjoyed this movie, it taught me a lot about what happened in the last days, how Hitler died and why his body wasn’t found; how the whole regime came crumbling down.