It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to

Surprise party today to celebrate Mr Pigalina’s Aunt and Uncle turning 60. As they walked in and everyone started singing Aunty N burst into tears. And looked very distraught.
Luckily that passed quickly and the Chinese banquet began. Not only were the Pigalinas at the table with a few children (smaller appetites) there were also a number of fish haters – meaning more delicious lemon fish for us.


Mum’s 50th Birthday Shindig

Mummy Pigalina isn’t 50 until tomorrow but over the weekend we traveled to Christchurch for her birthday celebrations and attended a 1950s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. There were quiffs, lots of hair mousse and hairspray (Mr and Daddy Pigalina); winged glasses, T-Birds and Pink ladies, frozen margaritas and killers with chainsaws on the haunted tram ride.
We were team “The Bill” and seemed to be the only ones paying attention and asking relevant questions as we romped to victory as the only team to guess correctly Who, Where, How, When and Why.
Here is Mummy Pigalina on stage explaining that the ladies on her dress are not nudie, they have bikinis on.

365 day photo challenge August 18

Mummy Pigalina watched one episode of Come Dine with Me and decided to throw a dinner party. I watch and vow never to have one. She served up pomegranate Cosmopolitans, a starter of smoked salmon and caviar (posh), a main of roast lamb on a bed of mashed kumara and rounded it off with a delicious Eton mess. Very good work, but considering none of her guests have dining tables she may be waiting a while to dine out herself.

I was too busy eating to take photos.

365 day photo challenge March 24

Had a “harvest dinner” with the people from church. My courgettes have been a write-off this year and my onions are far too tiny. Had to cook something from bought ingredients instead. This was a good collaborative effort though!