365 day photo challenge September 28

You may recall I have mentioned coming across abandoned, bagged, dog poo before. WELL! I have found the meeting place! What is everyone doing? Are you trying to send the Council a silent message that you would like a bin? Why not ask them? I have done so on your poo-leaving behalf. FFS Dunedin take your bagged dog poo home with you – if you are conscientious enough to pick it up why can’t it make it to your bin?
Next time, train your dog not to poo on walks like the T-Man!


The DCC’s Newest Way to Anger Pigalina Version 1

Ah, Dunedin City Council. Not content with ignoring public opinion regarding a multi-million dollar stadium; spending millions on an, admittedly lovely though unnecessary, Chinese Garden and bandying around the idea of an extension to the town hall that will ruin the Victorian architecture and block off a whole street, you have started making small annoying changes to anger those you had missed out.

“Thanks to the DCCS new automated parking system to get out of the parking building my blood pressure is rising. We sat on the line of 5 cars while the car parked in front of the barrier got their mate to wait in the huge wye to get a ticket to getouy.
Mummy pigalina stuck 3 parking levels up called to find out what the hold up was. Mr pigalina told pigalina off for growing irate”

I wrote the above in my anger on Mr Pigalina’s phone while waiting for what seemed like 10 minutes to exit a DCC parking building. They have removed the little person sitting in a booth as $12.50 an hour was obviously too much to fork out. The person has been replaced with a machine for you to pre-pay, load your ticket with wizardry and then feed into a machine again to exit. There are two machines for 7 floors. Of course one of them was broken today and everyone who had just come out of the movies needed to use them. We paid and were just driving down the last ramp to leave and joined the que of three cars. We waited. We waited a bit more. 4 more groups of people got into their cars on that level and edged towards the line of vehicles. Still we waited. Had the barrier arm broken? Did the person in the car in front of the barrier not realise they had to put a ticket in the slot? I grew angrier and angrier. Mummy Pigalina phoned from an upper level, somewhere in the line of cars waiting to exit that now trailed behind us – what was happening?
Mr Pigalina then noticed a passenger of the first car – the one that was holding up everyone hop into the car from the pre-pay que where they had only just paid for their exit. EFF-BOMB.
Good one DCC, that never would have happened if you still got to pay a person.

Also, if I am alone and it is night-time I don’t want to lurk about 6 levels away from my car feeding money into a machine. I don’t care that it is well lit.
While you’re at it why don’t you force me to park half-way between home and work so that I can walk for ages in my business casual heels and get hit-on by bogans as I leave the office? You do already by making most of the crappest part of town 60 minute parks and issue tickets with gusto for those disobeying? Job well done DCC.