I was looking forward to this movie – it came recommended by a guy at work who said his girlfriend had to sleep with the light on after watching it.  It also shares its name (almost) with a very excellent band, how could you go wrong?
Well, you could go wrong in many ways.
For a start, the film was pretty much in darkness, (I know it is the name so it is to be expected but it got very annoying after a while – mainly because people kept moaning that squinting at the screen was hurting their eyes).  The plot was not too bad, there had been a satanic ritual performed at the house where the family live which is why it is haunted.  The dad is losing his mind and the mum is rather cold and unfeeling towards her son who keeps waking up covered in bruises etc.  There was a pretty good twist but what with the half black screen and the baffling accent of the Grandad, it was hard to follow.  And who that is in the car at the end is anybody’s guess.  It was a bit cliched though – spooky children, drawings, scary old house – and the acting was not outstanding.  There were a couple of creepy bits but nothing to wee my pants over.  If I had actually been able to hear over the complaining and cries of “What’s going on?” and “Who’s that?” I may have found it scarier, but I doubt it.
If you want a good scary film go for The Ring or Saw, one that you can see and follow really adds to the suspense.