The Climb

Today was the final of my introductory pole dancing classes. I am the most un-sexy, ungraceful, person in the class and today I was clad in a Pink Floyd t-shirt and track pants that I had to roll up exposing the hairy I’m-growing-them-out-for-waxing legs beneath. But I was there for the workout!
I was proud of myself today though as, usually the worst at the moves, I was good at the climb and made it to the top of the five meter pole on my second attempt.
I am yet to decide whether I will continue onto “beginner” classes.


Hopefully I Can Roll Over Tomorrow

After last week and my first Pole Fitness class I woke in the night, two days later, due to the pain in my abs as I tried to roll over. I thought I would be fine as I didn’t ache straight away.
This week I ached in the warm-up as my poor under-used abs felt like they were tearing! This week I made a little more progress and – even if I say so myself – am pretty good at the Maypole move. Everything else however…

Maxine, Put Your Red Shoes O-on, We’re Goin’ to the Disco

As Wyclef sang ” Just coz she dances go-go, it don’t make her a hoe – No”. Today, with that – one of my favourite songs – in mind I headed along for my first pole dancing vertical aerial dance class.
It started out a bit farcical with the whole class waiting outside the wrong building. Once we had all found the right place it was warm up time – push-ups, scissor lifts and holding a plank position for a minute. What had I signed up for?! Luckily the rest wasn’t so arduous and it was pretty fun. I am not graceful by any means but the stiffness in my arms indicated it was a good workout, which was the plan.