December has Arrived

You would be forgiven for thinking, if you live in Dunedin New Zealand, that you had teleported to a town in the Northern hemisphere and were in for a winter Christmas. We have had weeks of rain, wind and hail.
Today was supposed to be the start of summer, instead I packed a scarf for work this morning. However, as it was also the start of December we had the start of the festivities at work to warm our hearts.
Christmas bake-off brought out the creativity (and the laziness of people like me who chose to sample instead).

365 day photo challenge September 13

It is lamb time again. Those cute distractions almost make me crash the car (especially the black ones). I went for a walk and tried to get a photo but these mums are already teaching their babies the way of the sheep – be afraid of anything that moves.

(Side note – I was super excited the other day; a big, fat, sheep looked like it was about to give birth so I pulled over to watch. I started videoing and then realised it was just having a wee).

365 day photo challenge April 24

I always said, as I married at 20 and still felt young, that my school friends and I would officially be old when we started having babies. This is baby E and she is the second child for the first of us to have a baby. It is more than official.

She is so cute.