New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep5

(I must apologize for my tardiness – have had a very busy Easter Weekend.)

It was pretty much all about Teryl-Leigh this week. So much so there is too much drama to bother with. Just know that she was feeling bad about being in the bottom two and moped about a lot and moaned heaps. At one point she was calling Hosanna a genius and a few minutes later declaring her an idiot. The girls have all realised that Hosanna’s practising was a very smart thing to do and spent some time practising in the mirror.
Things got worse for Teryl-Leigh when Sara arrived to “get to know” the girls and asked them all who they thought would be going home that week. The majority of them said Teryl-Leigh which put her in the foulest of moods (fair enough – they were basing it all on last weeks photo only). Ajoh and Christobelle were picked by the girls as most likely to win. Not many of the girls chose themselves, silly girls, ain’t they never watched America’s Next Top Model? Tyra would have told them off!

Some more T-L moaning over dinner.

The first challenge was a make-up challenge where they had to race to put on CoverGirl cosmetics in 5 minutes and create an evening look. Dunno about you but 5 mins for make-up is more than enough for me. I was wondering who the mountain man (or Bluto as my Dad said it could have been) in the checkered shirt and huge beard was. Turns out he was the make-up artist! Looked like he should have been weilding an axe rather than a mascara wand. Lucy didn’t run straight to the foundation table like everyone else and worked on her eyes first. Colin told Hosanna that she looked like she was in the circus. Things went wrong for Teryl-Leigh again – the mountain man said that he was most disappointed with her. The winner was Ruby who won a one on one with Bluto and some CoverGirl cosmetics not yet released in NZ.

The photo challenge was wearing couture (think gowns that would cost 3 months wages) while lounging about on a beach. Ajoh got put in a toy soldier hat, some of the others had bits of dead pheasant stuck to them. Chris (the photographer judge – 1st mench by name) wasn’t too happy that Lucy said she couldn’t think on the spot. Laura didn’t like her outfit – she said it was a big circle with a hole cut in it with a bum sack.

At panel Colin had a quiff mullet combo and a Cry-Baby style tear on his cheek. Christobelle and Hosanna’s photos looked fantastic. Lucy was told that the only good thing about her “angry, constipated” photo were the feathers in her hair. Rhiannon’s photo looked ok to me but the judges didn’t think so. Sara said Ajoh in her crazy hat was her favourite. Laura got told off about letting her big sheet of an outfit put her off her game. Colin said Rebecca Rose looked like an underfed anaconda and that if he saw “something like that crawling up to me on the beach I’d be squealing.” She just laughed, Rebecca Rose is lovely, she has grown on me over these past few weeks – I’ve never heard her bitching (that I can remember). She also has a really diffferent kind of face – “slight alien” the judges commented while deliberating – not that that is bad, it seems to be working OK for Gemma Ward. The judges acknowledged that Hosanna’s practise is paying off. Ajoh was called first. Bottom two were Victoria and Rhiannon. Victoria was told that her photos were getting worse and that her confidence was eroding – I wonder why with such nice encouraging words? Rhiannon was told she was beautiful but her photos weren’t cutting it. Rhiannon went home which was a shame but she is only 16 and is looking forward to going home to Blenheim and being the town hottie.

My picks so far – I have managed to avoid all but one spoiler! – Rebecca Rose, Christobelle, Ajoh, Hosanna and Ruby. (Ok so they are my faves therefore my picks – my wee wishlist of winners. T-L sorry, you’re out. Oh wrong show…)

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna