Blockheads and Satay

Blockheads are the new craze among the kids, you get them from a petrol station when you fill up. People are collecting them for their children, I am collecting them for a 27 year old.
He has made deals with a 4 year old who is on his tail for a Superman in exchange for Batman. I had to hastily retract the offer of Superman I had made on his behalf and change it to Hawkgirl. Arrrgh those Blockheads.
Pictured below at the Satay Noodle House, Shannon’s favourite eatery with his new favourite things.


365 day photo challenge August 26

The sun came out today. To commemorate this rare event in Winter, I slapped on a sundress; got out my bean bag and re-read some Scott Pilgrim outside with a beer and my dog. Roll on summertime.