Maxine, Put Your Red Shoes O-on, We’re Goin’ to the Disco

As Wyclef sang ” Just coz she dances go-go, it don’t make her a hoe – No”. Today, with that – one of my favourite songs – in mind I headed along for my first pole dancing vertical aerial dance class.
It started out a bit farcical with the whole class waiting outside the wrong building. Once we had all found the right place it was warm up time – push-ups, scissor lifts and holding a plank position for a minute. What had I signed up for?! Luckily the rest wasn’t so arduous and it was pretty fun. I am not graceful by any means but the stiffness in my arms indicated it was a good workout, which was the plan.


I am Pigalina’s Complete Lack of Imagination

Went to my first of six creative writing classes with Daddy, Aunty and Cousin Pigalina.
It turns out that my imagination is not the best, not without prompts anyway, as I ended up describing my old office when developing a setting.
Write about what you know they say!