Working from Santa’s Sleigh

It was proposed that we decorate our pods at work. I don’t sit in a pod so thought I was off the hook, then the people on the five loose desks near mine called a meeting to discuss ideas. Nobody had any, so I mentioned my hair-brained, elaborate plan of having one desk as a sleigh, pulled by the other desks. This was declared a great idea and with that it was on.
I now have this as my desk for the next two weeks. Will we win??


December has Arrived

You would be forgiven for thinking, if you live in Dunedin New Zealand, that you had teleported to a town in the Northern hemisphere and were in for a winter Christmas. We have had weeks of rain, wind and hail.
Today was supposed to be the start of summer, instead I packed a scarf for work this morning. However, as it was also the start of December we had the start of the festivities at work to warm our hearts.
Christmas bake-off brought out the creativity (and the laziness of people like me who chose to sample instead).

365 day photo challenge December 29

This is Tangaroa (God of the Sea and Fertility) celebrating Christmas in Rarotonga. It was odd to see Santa and tinsel in such a tropical place!
(He was wearing a red skirt today, but he is usually not so modest. He is the god of fertility after all…)

365 day photo challenge December 17

One of the houses in my ‘hood. I didn’t want to look like a weirdo taking a picture of someone’s house so not the best angle. A house in my street had a huge, inflatable, snow globe which is what I had set out to get a photo of but it was gone when I got home from work 😦