Scary Stories for Tiny Tots

My sister is having a baby so Pigalina and Mummy Pigalina are in buy-cute-things mode.
I have got the baby the complete Peter Rabbit collection. Then I was thinking about it and some of the stories are quite scary – Peter Rabbit is chased, naked, by a farmer who is trying to kill him; Jemima Puddle Duck’s eggs (babies) are eaten by a fox.
At least it isn’t complete Grimm’s Fairytales…



Today was the funeral for the two children of our workmate, who were murdered last week. Obviously it was very sad, but also it was very joyful with lots of colourful clothes and happy stories.
Everytime I get the urge to leave my job for another I am reminded of what a great bunch of people I work with. I’ll end up being there for 40 years if I’m not careful.

365 day photo challenge November 8

Mr Pigalina’s family came over for his birthday. In order to avoid the Xbox “She’s doing it wrong” tantrum of last year being repeated a (very cut down) game of The Game of Life was in order.