After two nights of a tickly throat and runny nose enough was enough and I spent the day at home. Slept until lunchtime with a brief breakfast interlude, then spent the day on the sofa watching terrible rom-coms (I Hate Valentines Day) and reality shows.


Peddle Your Wares Elsewhere

I am hiding out in the lounge. I spotted three men in orange t-shirts heading to one end of the street to commence a door to door sweep. It’s about dinner time so it is highly likely. I am enrolled to vote, I don’t want to buy anything and we are happy with our power company. If it’s a charity I have trouble saying no to signing up 10% of my income for life. I also feel bad because the work is largely commission based so no sign up no pay.
Mr Pigalina is still at work so I can’t send him to the door, therefore I am hiding out and hope they leave me alone.

Berry Good

If you are after some free berries there are thousands to be found in Island Park Reserve. I have had a few, despite Mr Pigalina’s protests that they will have dog wees on them. Just do as I do, and pick the ones out of leg-cocking range.

Where Did The Time Go?

This is the only photo I have for you today, William in the cupboard atop the pet food like a feline Smaug.
We got home from the supermarket after work, put the stuff away, I brushed the cat and attempted to get the dog to bring a ball back when I threw it and suddenly it was 8pm.
Fast evenings. Do not like.