Fearless Calico Cat

This is Calico cat (real name unknown) and she lives in the street opposite my house. She fears nothing. Not dog, nor human, nor car. She can often be spotted lying in the road and cars passing by don’t phase her. Her favourite spot is in view of an Alsatian, taunting it. Today Calico cat was sitting on the footpath, washing her face. My dog and I approached and she just looked at us as we passed by one foot away from her. Not even a flinch. You can forget Scarface Claw, Calico cat is the toughest cat in town.


William’s Sad Day

William’s free sample of biscuits that became known in our house as “cat crack” ran out today. The coupon that came with it was for $5 OFF a packet. Considering his usual biscuits cost little more than that he will have a long wait until he gets any more.

Pretty Good Friday

Good Friday and the start of a four day weekend. It was a day spent inside keeping dry and warm. That’s the great thing about New Zealand, we get the remnants of the tropical storms without the hassle of all that tropical weather.
It rained non-stop all day so I spent the day in one room with the heater on.
As did Tobias who has ventured outside once and William who must have a bladder of iron.

Where Did The Time Go?

This is the only photo I have for you today, William in the cupboard atop the pet food like a feline Smaug.
We got home from the supermarket after work, put the stuff away, I brushed the cat and attempted to get the dog to bring a ball back when I threw it and suddenly it was 8pm.
Fast evenings. Do not like.

William Heart Outside

William went to the vet today for teeth cleaning. As he had an anesthetic he is supposed to stay indoors for at least 24 hours due to hypothermia risk. He had to stay inside overnight too which he wasn’t too pleased about, despite the rare treat of sleeping on our bed.

When I got him home, I set up a litter tray and popped him on his favorite chair for a nap. He didn’t want to do that. I tried him on a cushion. Nope. He tap tap tapped on the cat flap, desperate to get outside. I moved him away. Half an hour later he was at it again. Each time I went to move him away I found him sitting with his paw pressed against it, like a prisoner at visiting time.

I have given up and he is outside in the sun having the time of his life. If the vet reads this I am in big trouble…