Good to Know, Now I’m Healed

A month ago I had an xray on my ribs due to excruciating pain whenever I coughed, sneezed or rolled over.
Then I had a bone scan after the xray showed no visible damage.
My doctor works under the no news is good news principle. And I heard nothing. I was just driving out of the car park after work today when my phone rang – “Doctors”. I awkwardly pulled over, taking up four parks, and scrambled to pick up the phone and turn down the radio at the same time. What would they be ringing for? It was the nurse calling to tell me I, most likely, had a rib fracture.
Had being the word, it hasn’t hurt for weeks.


Bone Scan Day

I wasn’t brave enough to ask the bone scan technicians to take a photo of me mid scan.
They tied my feet together and put a thing round my arms to allow them to hang by my sides but not move. Then the scanner whirred into life.
The scanner was a Philips, so the same firm bringing us TVs and headphones are also scanning your innards.
During the scan I heard a lot of mouse clicking and lots of “interesting”s. I don’t know if my bones were interesting, or whatever they were quietly discussing was interesting. If it was my bones I will find out what was so interesting sometime next week.

Please accept this photo of my legs ( containing bones) and Tobias’s bony feet on our walk after work.


Today I got a phone call reminding me that I have a bone scan tomorrow for my rib. Thanks for the reminder as I never even knew I had an appointment.
My rib is hurting less and my xray was clear but the Doctor said to do the test anyway. Hopefully, as it is a full body scan, they will look at my potentially dodgy knee too.
I have to go and get injected with something called “tracer” and then go back three hours later and lie perfectly still on a table for 30 minutes. I also can’t wear metal zips and buttons. Forgive me if my outfit is bizarre tomorrow.

Bones I Found

I had thought to do an off-shoot blog “Bones What I Found” because, for some strange reason, I seem to find a lot of bones on my travels. From bird skeletons on the beach, to bones (I assume chicken) on the street and odd piles of hip joints (I pray beef bones left by dogs) in the bush – I seem to stumble across them all. Today on our walk Tobias and I found this beauty.