A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Today is Tobias’ (dog) birthday, here he is enjoying his present.
Only it isn’t his birthday at all. When I checked his file to find out how old he is discovered his birthday is six weeks away! Someone struck it lucky thanks to my false recurring calendar event – 2 presents this year.


Sweet Birthday!

Today is my 33rd Birthday.  Mr Pigalina had to work so I have largely spent the day pottering about at home.  I watched TV in bed for a couple of hours, walked the dog and had lunch with my family.  When I got home I thought I would change the bed so that it would be nice and cosy later on.

You remember how I said I had watched TV in bed for a couple of hours?  Yeah, well Shelob the giant spider had also been in there watching it with me.  As I pulled back the duvet the huge spider ran for cover in a fold of the sheet.  Instantly goose bumps shot up both arms.  I was going to take a photo for here, but didn’t fancy disturbing it again.  Both sheets and spider (I hope) are now outside in the rain.

I then grabbed the barrier block spray that stops the spiders from crawling into the house in the first place.  I sprayed and I coughed.  Then I went inside and promptly vomited on the bedroom floor.  So my bedroom now has a vomit stain on the floor, a stripped bed and it stinks of fly spray.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Can’t Wait to See The Photos

Yesterday we had a family tea for Mr Pigalina’s grandma. She handed a camera to a grandson and told him to take some photos of the all important cake ‘n’ candle ceremony.
Only I was a camera that was about twenty years old and had no film in it. “It needs film Grandma”.
“It’s got one in it.”
“You can’t buy it anymore can you?”
“Yes you can!”
So he dutifully clicked away. Even got a great group shot of the grandkids.

Apparently this same camera documented their last, two week long, holiday. All with no film in it.

Mum’s 50th Birthday Shindig

Mummy Pigalina isn’t 50 until tomorrow but over the weekend we traveled to Christchurch for her birthday celebrations and attended a 1950s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. There were quiffs, lots of hair mousse and hairspray (Mr and Daddy Pigalina); winged glasses, T-Birds and Pink ladies, frozen margaritas and killers with chainsaws on the haunted tram ride.
We were team “The Bill” and seemed to be the only ones paying attention and asking relevant questions as we romped to victory as the only team to guess correctly Who, Where, How, When and Why.
Here is Mummy Pigalina on stage explaining that the ladies on her dress are not nudie, they have bikinis on.

My mug, on my mug

Pigalina is part of an elite group known as 3mail. 3mail email (between the three of them – geddit?) and discuss high level issues such as political policy, current news stories and the arts. They never talk about the which actors are the hottest; which games they are going to play next; the best strategy to get away with using the only disability toilet without getting caught by the genuine user; or plans around running a saffron farm with an adjoining bookshop-cafe/bar when one of them wins lotto. This is too lowbrow for them.

Today the other members of 3mail presented me with this fine mug for my birthday. Special mention to my new follower Leighton who attended the presentation ceremony in the presence of the 4 ab horses.

As you can see the mug is double sided! One side features 3mail and their significant others celebrating a quiz win where we doubled our money and won ten whole dollars each! The other is the magnificent Pigalina logo. Thanks buddies!