Boondock Saints

I thought it was just me, but the other three people I watched this with also found it a little hard to follow. That aside it was a rather good film. Two Irish brothers decide to rid Boston of the evil men – the mafia, hit men etc. (I’m not sure if the woman who is mentioned at the very start, who was murdered while others did nothing, is the mother of the brothers and therefore their motivation – it wasn’t clear). Anyway, the guys go around killing the bad guys and manage to get away with it. Willem Dafoe plays the FBI agent who is trying to solve the case. He appears in one scene in drag, looking a bizarre mix of attractive and ugly:

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Billy Connelly also turns up as an assassin. There is another man too, “Funny Man”, who helps the brothers in their quest only he’s not very good at shooting, nor very discreet.
There is a great scene where Smecker (Dafoe) explains what he thinks happened at a crime scene, where he enacts it along with the actual shooters. There is also a rather cringe-inducing scene where the men use an iron to cauterize their cuts and bullet wounds. The opinion of the people of Boston is split between them being saints (Boondock saints y’see) or being just as bad as the people they are trying to get rid of. I will add a point on for Willem Dafoe in drag, but I have to deduct a few for being a little hard to follow – 5/10.