Doggy Bedtime Secrets

Oh hey Tobias, why aren’t you getting into bed?
I lifted his top blanket to reveal his secret stash of goodies – amid the soil lay a biscuit and a lard bird feeder that had been missing for months. Today it must have been ripe enough to dig up to save for a midnight feast.


Sleepy Me, Sleepy Tea

Lately when I can’t sleep it is not thoughts of work or worries about life that flow through my head keeping me awake. No, my brain likes to sing songs over and over. Last night I woke up around 1am and then, when trying to get back to sleep, my brain decided it was the perfect time to clap along because it felt like a room without a roof. I must have slept at some point though as I recall a dream.
I managed to make it through the work day but it is just past 8pm and I am in bed with a mug of sleepy tea. There better not be any singing tonight.