Tunnel Beach

Today we went to Tunnel Beach. Tourists were swarming; we had to remind ourselves how lucky we are that it is just two minutes drive from our house.
The “Tunnel” in the picture is not the tunnel you are looking for. The real tunnel was hand carved out of the soft rock about 100 years ago and takes you down to a little beach. It is pretty cool and if you are ever in Dunedin you should definitely visit, be prepared for a very steep walk back to your car…


Clean Green New Zealand

We like to say that we are clean and green here in NZ. We would be, if we got rid of the large population of imbeciles that inhabit the land.
Today was World Oceans Day so I had a clean up of a particularly littered bit of coastline near my house. People drive past and biff their litter out of the car window and it makes me furious.
Among the usual ciggie packets, fast food rubbish and (crap brand) beer bottles – bogan litter – I picked up an empty packet of frozen peas, a 12 pack toilet roll wrapper, some child’s underpants and an ironic Coke bottle that had “I love beaches” printed on it.
FFS Dunedin, stop it.

Queen’s Birthday Adventures

The dog dictated where we could go today, having not had a big walk for a few weeks. He is not allowed on a number of the beaches on the Otago Peninsula, so we headed out to the area by Port Chalmers.
We went towards Osborne, along a long gravel road. We reached a part where a sign read “Track not suitable for vehicles”. After some deliberation we decided to walk the track to see where it ended up. We were glad we did – it came out at Purakanui Beach and there was a track up to the top of the cliffs that over looked Doctors Point. There were moments where I thought Tobias was about to cock his leg on a bush and fall to his doom.
We then went in search of a beer in the sun.
Hard to believe it is the start of Winter.

A Break in the Cabin Fever

Today the wind and rain eased (at least in my part if town, that trip to The Warehouse in South Dunedin sure messed up my hair) so it was beach time. It was also time for the Pigalinas to go for a run (Pigalina’s second for the year, Mr Pigalina’s third).
Tobias came with us on the run/walk and then sulked around the house as if he had never been outside.

Golden Food in Golden Weather

Fish and Chips at the beach for tea. Don’t worry about our waistlines, we didn’t eat it all – thanks to Tobias deciding that the best route to take to bum-sniff another dog was right over the food. Sandylicious.