Paddling Leads to Baths

Mr Pigalina and Tobias went to the beach after work. One of them got very smelly after paddling in the sea and needed a wash.


Bath Day

Tobias literally smelled like cheese so today was bath day. Licking yourself is. obviously not the route to smelling sweet.
He cowers in the corner of the bathroom every time but once the warm water is on him he appears to enjoy it. His favourite part though is getting wrapped in his towel afterwards and handed a treat.
Wouldn’t it be great to get handed a delicious morsel of food whenever you had a wash?

365 day photo challenge April 19

As my treat for Zumbaing, and Kinecting this week I indulged in one of my favourite activities – bubble bath, book and wine. The hot water of the bath means the alcohol’s calories just melt out of your body. We all know that. (I subscribe to the Lucille Bluth school of wisdom).