The Worst CDs in the Waikato

Heading home today through Thames we stopped and had a quick look at the shops. This shop owner was desperate to shift the Starlight Express soundtrack, an Extreme album plus many more. ONLY TEN CENTS EACH! Usually we snap up such bargains, but even we could not choose ten. They really were the worst CDs in the Waikato.


365 day photo challenge December 27

Packing to go on holiday. My suitcase was $3 from the recycle centre at the tip because the stitching on the handle had broken. I am always paranoid that it has been used for drug running, prior to my purchase, and I will get in huge trub. I wiped it down with cleaning solution again and I have to remind myself it made it around the world with no worries but it still nags in the back of my mind…