South Dunedin Wall Art Project

As part of Youth Week a huge wall in South Dunedin is getting made over with a collaborative mural. We went to have a look today and the people involved are doing a great job. On Friday a few of us from work are hoping to go and help out with a bit of painting. Not sure if there is much call for my specialty – cats made out of two circles and two triangles, but you never know.


365 day photo challenge October 7

As part of the Otago Festival of Arts the Octagon (Dunedin’s town centre) became the Chalktagon! People were invited to draw something as part of a huge collaborative chalk drawing. The Monkey Business monkeys (in the fezzes) turned up too.

365 day photo challenge May 11

This guy is having an art exhibition consisting of heels of shoes and boots that he has found on the footpath. He of course has a story that he has come up with to go with it; something about people’s days being ruined. Watch this space for my exhibition of fast food boxes found on the road. Something about people being too ignorant to save it until they find a bin.