I Need a Dermatologist on Speed-Dial

We’re all friends here so I’m sharing with you what has been dominating my day today. Yesterday this monstrosity popped up on my cheek. It has now spread to my neck. I am THIRTY TWO not thirteen! If out in public I am wearing my hair down to mask it. When at home the hair is up and I am slathered in potions. It’s times like this I wish I owned, and knew how to apply, make-up.

While we’re on the topic of skin, I also have a rash of some variety on my torso. My GP has no clue what it is.

Such a beautiful lady.

Peddle Your Wares Elsewhere

I am hiding out in the lounge. I spotted three men in orange t-shirts heading to one end of the street to commence a door to door sweep. It’s about dinner time so it is highly likely. I am enrolled to vote, I don’t want to buy anything and we are happy with our power company. If it’s a charity I have trouble saying no to signing up 10% of my income for life. I also feel bad because the work is largely commission based so no sign up no pay.
Mr Pigalina is still at work so I can’t send him to the door, therefore I am hiding out and hope they leave me alone.


There is a campaign running in NZ for your town to be the first town to get ultra fast broadband. It is called Gigatown.  I was keen to join in and get points for Dunedin at the start until I read the rules.  Today, a few months later and after recognising how hard the people behind the Dunedin campaign are working, I decided to join in again – it turns out I had forgotten why I didn’t bother in the first place.

It appears that all you have to do is put #gigatowndunedin after your posts on Facebook and other social media like Twitter and Instagram and you earn points for your town.

Except I hate Twitter so only use it rarely and Instagram can actually eff off.  So, Facebook it is, that’s OK, I’m always sharing hilarious videos and photos of awesome stuff on there so #gigatowndunedin will be racking up the points in no time.  

Except, your personal posts don’t count, only those posted on official/approved gigatown pages count.  And they have to be at least a certain number words long and then have the hashtag. So the only way to earn any points is to comment on the official page’s pictures – just for the sake of it.

The points are weighted on population so smaller towns get more points per mention than bigger ones. Wanaka with it’s small population of holiday homes and rich people who get to stay at home enjoying the scenery and hashtagging all day long* (*possible exaggeration/generalisation) are storming ahead.

To top it off we have to do this until 30 September 2014 and then the top five have to fight it out all over again. It’s more trouble than it’s worth! Sure we will get the fastest broadband in the Southern Hemisphere but I can already stream high quality movies and play games online, how much faster could it get? I’m sorry Gigatown Dunedin, but even your earnestness can’t get me tweetin’ and ‘gramming.

The Spiders Got Caught in Their Own Web of Cheekiness

We are pretty tolerant of spiders in the Pigalina household. I have one that lives in the wing mirror of my car and there is a VERY successful one who lives in the corner of the sliding door. Many are removed from the house on pieces of paper and placed lovingly onto plants in the garden.
However, lately the spiders have been taking advantage. It has been nice weather so the doors and windows have been open and they have been happily moving in. I shared a shower with 3 baby ones the other day. The last few nights there have been spiders lurking on the ceiling. Today I woke up and saw one scuttling up the wall of the bedroom; I went to the toilet and one was watching me from the cistern. “That is IT” I declared and stomped off to find the spider spray. I plonked the can onto the kitchen bench – almost on top of another spider.
Sorry spiders but enough is enough. My first task this morning was spraying the outside of the house with barrier block. Those who have already moved in will be dealt with humanely, any potential lodgers, I’m afraid, are out of luck.

No Zombies for Furious Pigalina

Ever since the release for season 2 of Telltale’s Walking Dead Game was announced I had been happier than a pig(alina) in mud.  It was marked on my calendar and I had a whole afternoon set aside to play.  18th December rolled around and my Xbox dashboard was bare.  “Not available in your region”.  I tried the next day, nothing, the day after that – still now joy.

I emailed Telltale, have had no reply (they may have me on the naughty list after a very ranty email I sent them earlier this year when my WD1 saves kept failing – a bug experienced by many around the world yet one Telltale claim they were unable to replicate…); Xbox were unable to help.

I turns out, out, despite us having had Season 1, the 400 days add on and other Telltale games such as The Wolf Among Us there is no planned release for Season 2 in New Zealand, Ireland and Russia.  No explanation has been given, the notion that NZ authorities had not classified it is false, it it is showing on the classification website as having been rated R16.  We can’t even say “Shut Up, and take my money!” As nobody is talking (except Telltale Mike on the forum who crushes the dreams of 32 year old women who want to kill zombies).

I am fast losing patience with Telltale which is a pity as they make some great games.  This is where they hold the power, they know we will part with our cash for their other games so they have little to lose by not offering explanations or fixing bugs.

After seeing my disappointment as I trudged off to work on the day I had planned to play, bottom lip sticking out, Mr Pigalina bought me Bioshock Infinite to play instead.  Because Telltale aren’t the only company that make games.  They need to remember that.

365 day photo challenge October 18

Well done Dunedin weather. You have claimed the life of my second umbrella this year. It made it the whole of the 2 kilometre walk to Mr Pigalina’s work, and then promptly blew inside out and beyond repair while I collected the mail from the mailbox at home.

365 day photo challenge September 15

I went into Mosgiel to buy cleaning aids (Red Bull and beer) and my good mood – boosted by lamb and pukeko sightings – was quickly soured by terrible drivers. A lady was almost taken out on a zebra crossing; there was little understanding of a filter light and I was almost crashed into by a texting middle aged woman in a mini-van. A plague on you Mosgiel!

365 day photo challenge July 23

This is a bin. We are no longer allowed one each at work because someone put client information into theirs instead of the destruction bin. It turns out I used my bin A LOT and not having one is very annoying.

365 day photo challenge July 14

When I heard- after spending the entire day doing work for Mr Pigalina – that the Indian takeaway, the only place in town that delivers to our house, had stopped delivering for the night, I almost turned into the Hulk.

365 day photo challenge May 25

As a person who, as a child, dreamed of having her own library room at home I look forward to the 24 hour book sale every year. However my loyalty is waning – they have started to get greedy. Gone are the days when all of the books were 50 cents and I would spend a couple of hours selecting 40 books for my self-imposed $20 limit. A couple of years ago they increased the price to $1 per book. All of the books are donated to them and the sale is staffed by volunteers.

There has always been a few books that cost more in a special section but imagine my rage when I went today and practically any decent book was in the specially priced section. I bought one for $6 today and my total haul was a measly 9 books. Greedy, greedy Regent theatre! Good luck shifting the Pam Ayres collection I see there year after year.