Reverse Sneezes are the Worst

Ever since he was little Tobias has been having bouts of “Reverse Sneezing”. He rapidly sucks air in through his nose – apparently uncontrollably – while looking both terrified and uncomfortable. Rubbing his throat and blowing into his nostrils is, according to the Internet, the remedy. Today’s bout lasted for about fifteen minutes. He patiently put up with my “fixing” while grumbling in his throat the whole time.


What About (Em)mey? It Isn’t Fair

Both dogs were given a treat at the same time. Emmey gulped hers down in 5 minutes while Tobias worked on his for about 20. Emmey alternated between staring at him and looking forlornly around the room until he had finished and then ate every single tiny crumb that he left behind.

Aunty Em

Emmey (my parents’ dog) has come to stay while they walk the Milford Track.
Enjoy this photo of Tobias’ Aunt as it was jolly hard to get – flashes and light reflections drive her to distraction. There will be no wall licking at my house though!

Animal Strike

Nothing like a bit of procrastination to get me back into my blog!

I am supposed to be updating my CV to apply for all sorts of wonderful and exciting jobs around Dunedin but it is more important that I let you know about Animal Strike.

In New Zealand “party pills” and legal highs are being tested on dogs.  This needs to stop.  I am not unreasonable, if the tests were for life saving medicine then I would get over it but these horrible, distressing,  tests are purely for recreational drugs.  If people want to use them then let them volunteer to test them, we should not be allowing innocent creatures to be tested on to let shady people make stacks of money and for silly ass-hats to have a great party.  Have a great party but leave the animals out of it.

Please visit the Paw Justice Animal Strike website to sign the petition and let the New Zealand Government know that people DO NOT want this to continue.  Imagine your dog, cat, hamster, rat, pig, monkey or lizard – whatever animal you love, being forced to take drugs that make them feel weird and scared and they couldn’t understand why.  Imagine that they cannot control themselves.  Fight for their rights.

Spread the word and let’s bring an end to this.


The strike date has passed but it is not too late to make a difference.

365 day photo challenge October 21

I am not sure if William is lazy or just a bit simple. (Mr Pigalina would say the latter). He sat forlornly staring through the front door for about an hour after we got home because he either couldn’t be bothered going around to the back of the house and in through his cat door or he had forgotten it existed. We eventually took pity on him.

365 day photo challenge August 30

This is Gus. My dog stays with him when we go away and he and his son stay with us when their humans go away. Gus has been diagnosed with Leukaemia. Today was to be his last day but he perked right up so has a second chance. The outlook is still bleak but he will have more time for cuddles, pats and treats now.

365 day photo challenge June 6

Today I only had a picture of the temperature on the way to work for you. That is until Mr Pigalina and I were heading home and two cows were in the road. In the dark. I thank God and my bull-bar (oh how tragically fitting) for saving our lives. Unfortunately one cow is now deceased, one ran off and two unhurt but rather shaken Pigalinas are up and unable to wind down for bed.