Bacon + Maple Syrup + Beer = Delicious?

When I first spotted Rogue Voodoo Donut – Bacon Maple Ale while in Wellington I immediately thought of our Canadian friend Aaron.
Today we finally cracked it open for a taste. It smelled and tasted a bit smoky and there was a definite tinge of bacon. I had expected if to taste saltier.

Two sips was enough for me, only one sip for Katie. Mr Pigalina and Aaron polished off the rest declaring it “disgusting at first – but then you get used to it.” Good to try but I don’t think any of us will be rushing out for more!


365 day photo challenge April 19

As my treat for Zumbaing, and Kinecting this week I indulged in one of my favourite activities – bubble bath, book and wine. The hot water of the bath means the alcohol’s calories just melt out of your body. We all know that. (I subscribe to the Lucille Bluth school of wisdom).

Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude

They (the brewers) are right, it isn’t undrinkable. But it does taste like how I imagine an old beer with some cigarette butts in it at a party would taste. That said, you should give it a go! (For a talking point if nothing else.) Beer with a VERY smoky taste and smell. Made with 100% heavy peated malt. The half glass left over night stunk out the whole lounge!