When in Roxburgh…

Had a meeting in Alexandra (2.5 hours away – that’s NZ for you). I’m usually a Marlow Pies girl but when passing through Roxburgh, home of Jimmy’s pies, it would be rude to eat anything else!


Let Them Not Eat Cake!

Office morning teas this year are to be provided by pod-teams and along the theme of healthy eating.
This first team have set the bar high – with not only an array of healthy fruit and veg to nibble, but also a little bag each with some water, scroggin and a map for a lunchtime walk. Pity about the hail, yay Autumn.

Armageddon Sunday

Because I am too lazy to get up from the warm lounge and venture into the chilly study to empty the photos from my camera; please accept this one of Lumpy Space Princess.
Armageddon is a comic/sci-fi/pop culture convention (NZ’s Comicon). Pigalinas didn’t stay long this year, mainly hitting up the stalls. We are now the proud guardians of Lumpy Space Princess who came with our Adventure Time DVDs. People will also now know that I am the Hand of the King and a supporter of Katniss Everdeen thanks to my new ($6!) brooches. I had hoped to meet Colin Baker of “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here” fame (he was also on some show called “Dr Who”) but timed it wrong.

Plan Foiled

Bah! Two days in a row now I have struck this queue of traffic. It seems others have cottoned on to my scheme of exiting the motorway early to avoid the annoying intersection later on.
I had to wait three. whole. minutes!