Sunny Alexandra

Another meeting in Alexandra today. The day started well with those picking me up led 20 minutes astray by the GPS. The whole journey was spent in thick fog only for it to be a beautiful day at our destination.
On the way back we stopped at a fruit stall and then two of us fell asleep for most of the rest of the way. Not a bad day at work!


Gonna Get a Selfie With Wills and Kate

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Pigalina in possession of a good collection of Royal Family memorabilia, must be in want of tickets to Dunedin’s Regal Rugby Fun Day!
This morning Kathy (workmate and Pigalina reader) and I stood in line to get our free tickets for the fun day in a couple of weeks. We were not as eager as the lady that started queuing at 5am!
I am not a rugby fan but I am a William and Kate fan – better charge up my camera with the best zoom. Disappointing that Baby-Prince George won’t be there; I had hoped to pinch the fat royal cheek.

Obligatory St Patrick’s Day Post

If anyone tells you that Irish is the sexiest accent, they are lying. There is only one sexy accent and it is called Benedict Cumberbatch.
At work today there were Kiss Me I’m Irish badges and a green morning tea.
At home there was Guinness.