Mt Cook National Park

Spent the day wandering around Mt Cook National Park.


Lake Tekapo

To Tekapo today and up Mount John for the fantastic views.
We, as is customary, went into Tekapo town to photograph The Church of the Good Shepherd along with – no lie – about 150 other people. I think it is the busiest photo opportunity I have ever encountered in NZ. (That is why I haven’t posted the typical Tekapo pic – the best one I got without people in it came out wonky thanks to my haste). Seven years ago when we were last here we were the only people looking at it!

The Inevitable Giant Hand Bum Smack Photo

When in Wanaka it is the law that you must take a photo of someone getting a smack from the giant hand sculpture. It was surprisingly hard for my nephew to follow my instructions to maneuver into position, so this blurry effort is the best we have.

Awesome Autumn

What a fantastic day for Autumn – The Pigalinas went on a bike ride from Hawea to Albert Town (20kms return) along the river and then spent some time with the family down at the lake.

(An aside – There is a video of Pigalina, aged 13, having a bit of a freak out in a blow up boat on Lake Hawea. I couldn’t get back to shore. The camera pans back to reveal that I was only about 4 metres out. How my family laughed. This time I managed to control my fear despite the other person in the kayak with me ignoring my frantic paddling back to the beach.)

As mentioned yesterday, Hawea is way better than Wanaka which gets all the glory. There were two other groups down at the lake when we were there. The next day in Wanaka the place was over run with people, cars, ducks and boats. Hawea for the win. Everytime.

ANZAC Day at Hawea

I woke up in time for the Dawn Service but it was pouring with rain so, I’m sorry, I remained in bed.
It was a changeable day as you can see from this picture taken on our walk today.
Here’s a tip for you too if you are traveling in Central Otago: Hawea is way better than Wanaka. They are only 20 minutes apart but Hawea has about 20 times less people.


You must think that I never work, and this week you would be right. We have just had Easter weekend and now we are heading for ANZAC Day, which this year falls on a Friday.
Mr Pigalina’s side of the family are heading to Lake Hawea in Central Otago and we took a half day to go too.
Here is the view from the Cromwell lookout on the way.

Sunny Alexandra

Another meeting in Alexandra today. The day started well with those picking me up led 20 minutes astray by the GPS. The whole journey was spent in thick fog only for it to be a beautiful day at our destination.
On the way back we stopped at a fruit stall and then two of us fell asleep for most of the rest of the way. Not a bad day at work!

Christchurch Cathedral

Yesterday we had a quick look around Christchurch city centre, we haven’t had a chance to do so since the February 2011 earthquake changed it forever. The Cathedral spire fell down in that quake and debate still rages as to whether it should be rebuilt. I favour the option of preserving it as a ruin as a memorial – like the Coventry Cathedral. It is in a pretty depressing state at the moment though.

(Bonus photos – happy Pigalina memories of places destroyed in the quake)

DSC00594 The Tap Room, sweet sweet memories
of the Monteiths beer tasting wheel
when we would travel up for gigs.
DSC01272 At the top of the Cathedral Spire.
In front of the Cathedral after climbing the spire

Mum’s 50th Birthday Shindig

Mummy Pigalina isn’t 50 until tomorrow but over the weekend we traveled to Christchurch for her birthday celebrations and attended a 1950s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. There were quiffs, lots of hair mousse and hairspray (Mr and Daddy Pigalina); winged glasses, T-Birds and Pink ladies, frozen margaritas and killers with chainsaws on the haunted tram ride.
We were team “The Bill” and seemed to be the only ones paying attention and asking relevant questions as we romped to victory as the only team to guess correctly Who, Where, How, When and Why.
Here is Mummy Pigalina on stage explaining that the ladies on her dress are not nudie, they have bikinis on.

No Blood, All Gore

A 300km round trip to attend a meeting in Gore (we are quite a spread out island). Not a bad way to spend much of the day though, eating pie and singing along to the radio.
You may have been expecting a photo of the giant fibre glass trout – maybe next time.