365 day photo challenge September 1

Buy my tat! Spent most of the afternoon listing my junk online.


365 day photo challenge June 10

After the cancelled flight dramas we finally made it to Auckland and saw the fabulous Lady Gaga. FANTASTIC show. No, I didn’t see her get hit on the head with the pole, but I did see her sing happy birthday to an ecstatic Manisha in the front row and sing and dance her way through a great performance. Pigalina heart Gaga.

365 day photo challenge June 7

Today we were supposed to be flying to Auckland to see Lady Gaga. Snow over the last two days caused many cancelled flights and lots of disappointed Little Monsters at Dunedin and Christchurch airports.

365 day photo challenge March 30

For a change Mr Pigalina and I went and watched the City of Dunedin Choir and the Southern Sinfonia perform “The Beauty of Baroque”. The concert was at Knox Church – another first for us. Very entertaining.

365 day photo challenge February 20

Saw Roger Waters – The Wall Live. Not sure if any show ever will come close to being this brilliant. AMAZING.

365 day photo challenge January 20

I turned 30 in style at the very last New Zealand Big Day Out in the company of Soundgarden, Tony Hawk and Noel Gallagher among others.

Love is Like Koala Finger

Today I did Zumba for the first time. It only took me a year to get with the trend. I flailed away at the back of a school hall with a variety of ladies, including Mummy Pigalina, ranging in age from about 10 to 55. I have never felt so unco-ordinated in my life! I got a double stitch about 10 mnutes in which luckily didn’t last too long. It was fun though – wiggling and crumping away.

I found myself mostly trying to decipher the music. It was all Zumba specific music as far as I can gather. I have never seen the DVDs and, unlike men (as stand-up comics would lead me to believe), I have never paid mush attention to the infomercial. There was one song that sounded like a Hindi version of Informer by Snow (A licky bum bum now) sung by a woman and one that I am positive said “love is like koala finger.” The roof was also on fire but I have no idea what they didn’t need no water for and were going to let burn.

Either way I have never had so much fun while looking like a complete dork.


I remember where I was when I heard Princess Diana died, I remember my 9/11 moment – hell I even have a Freddie Mercury moment (I cried when the radio played “The Show Must Go On” – I was 9!).
Now there’s a Michael Jackson moment to add to the list 😦
I went into the staff room for morning tea yesterday which was doubling as a farewell for a guy leaving work. A soon as I opened the door someone announced that M.J was dead and this continued as each new person entered the room. The leaving celebrations were swiftly over-shadowed (not to mention Farrah).
My manager was straight online to check if it was true, another lady rang her husband who, she reported, sounded quite distraught. Another’s husband could not be reached. I rang Mr Pigalina who didn’t seem to care and already knew! I asked him why he had not been on the phone straight away to deliver the news – he said that he hadn’t wanted to deliver the bad news over the phone.
It appears that his whole office didn’t give two hoots while half of my office was in a frenzy. There is even a tribute party being planned for next Friday (dress code – one glove).

OK so MJ had a lot of controversy in the last few years but there is no denying that his music is fantastic. Mr Pigalina’s Dad apparently sounded rather upset on the phone when Mr Pigalina called him about an unrelated matter. He said “These people, you don’t know them, but they are always a part of your life.” It’s so true. I had a Moonwalker sweatshirt which I wish I still had – I would have made a cushion cover out of it. It is imortalised on Mum’s wall in a photo where I am wearing it complete with triangular pants, a bum bag a bob hairdo. I had the Thriller album on tape and Vincent Price’s voiceover would creep me out, I used to have to fast-forward through his cackle. When I was about 6 I went to a friend’s house and we put on her Dad’s Thriller video and then swiftly hid behind the sofa in terror. I remember watching in awe as the faces morphed into each other in the “Black or White” video. Let’s not forget the fabulous Jackson 5 which is my good mood music if I ever need a boost. My sister and I have had many a sing-along. A guy at high school could Moonwalk and I remember him once Moonwalking across a rown of desks at lunchtime. And who hasn’t spent time trying to perfect the Moonwalk themselves? (Don’t lie).

We all have our Michael Jackson memories and while his descent into scandal and ridicule over-shadowed his past achievements I am going to remember the fun that he has brought me over the years. Now, back to the video hits marathon on C4.