365 day photo challenge December 18

Watched The Hobbit. In 3D and 48fps – beautiful.

I can’t write a big review because I am tapping this out with a stylus on my phone so I will be concise. Andy Serkis’ Gollum/Smeagol steals the show and he needs to win an award and finally get some recognition. The effects are fabulous, New Zealand looks gorgeous and Martin Freeman is the perfect Bilbo.

The tone is a lot lighter than LotR and there are a couple of bits that were a bit cheesy but it IS a children’s book and a family movie.

The 48fps did occasionally give it a TV vibe but I saw no rubber noses or stuck on beards as one “heartbroken” (read over-dramatic) critic moaned about. It was a thoroughly enjoyable film and, even though I was angry about the money grabbing tactic of turning one book into a trilogy, I am looking forward to the next two and some Smaug!


365 day photo challenge November 29

A friend phoned me from another part of the office to see if I could answer a couple of his Hobbit questions. Wonder why he thought I would know anything about it…

365 day photo challenge September 29

Went to the movies (Shawtay) and watched Looper which gets a pig rating (remember those you guys?) of 4.5/5. 1/2 a point deducted for a little Bruce Willis silliness towards the end.

365 day photo challenge August 4

The Dark Knight Rises was fabulous. I was only going to go to the movies once this year, as it is so expensive – to see The Hobbit. I am glad I broke my pledge to see the Batman in action. With Peter Jackson determined to drag the Hobbit out to three parts and fleece as much money out of me as possible, I having a feeling B-Man might have been my only trip to the movies for 2012.

Pigalina is Undead (Part 2)

2 more days on set, 65 itchy bites just on my lower legs.  Ah, the glamour of being an unpaid movie extra using 10 days annual leave for the chance of screen immortality.  Cowering in the rain in a blanket sandwich with strangers.  Walking bare foot in squelchy mud more than ankle deep.  Getting doused in mud and cold, cold blood. Having to spend so long washing the “blood” and knots out of my hair that I almost considered taking the scissors to a chunk of it.  Having others put their fingers into my eye to add and remove contact lenses.  AND YET I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

I am having so much fun being an extra in I Survived a Zombie Holocaust. I got to eat some belly on Friday – Mummy Pigalina ate entrails.