Lockdown day 29

Thursday 23rd April 2020

8:31am – Took my time this morning and watched Coronation Street while having breakfast and it’s still only 8:30am. To work.

8:42am – For the second time this week I’ve mixed it up and sat in a different seat on the sofa because the sun was in my eyes. It’s exciting times.

8:52am – Missed a call while on the toilet, again. The voice mail was a lady from the office saying “There was a package on your desk that we opened and just want to talk to you about the contents of it”. Ominous much?! Racking my brain trying to think what I’ve ordered online.

9:03am – It was a packet of courier bags from the document destruction company.

11:43am – Heard back about our flights , it’ll cost us $1000 to cancel them. I think I’ll wait.

3:49pm – An itchy cluster of hives has appeared on my elbow.

4:22pm – Getting used to this lockdown life, grocery and prescription pick up tomorrow, juice delivery placed, delivery from the hardware store coming. I’ll stay mostly at home for the whole of Autumn and Winter if I have to.

7:57pm – Managed to watch the whole third season of The Windsors while writing another quiz this afternoon. Now discovering Episodes.

Lockdown day 28

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

8:14am – When I was a teenager I would have given my right arm for the range of home hair dye there is today. So I’m sitting on my bed, eating my breakfast, waiting for the indigo dye to set. It will probably look black on my brown hair rather than the vibrant blue in the packet. Maybe my couple of greys will show up blue. Haven’t dyed my own hair in about 18 years.

8:51am – I have darker hair with a slight tinge and a blue scalp and fingernails. Time to start work.

12:54pm – Looking forward for placing my online order for non-essential items next Tuesday – Bird nectar feeder to replace the one I broke; new watering can to replace the one I broke…

1:09pm – Missed two phone calls from the alarm company for the office while I was on the toilet.

3:24pm – Find myself craving juice a lot during this lockdown. Finished trying to graph on a bubble chart a load of potential construction and infrastructure projects. Now I have to write two quizzes for next week. How long is this quiz saga going to last?!

5:23pm – Dog walk time and I. Cannot. Be. Bothered.

6:30pm – Just cut up sausages into little bits to tart up pasta for tea. Lockdown cuisine.

10:13pm – Mr Pigalina beat me at Scrabble.

Coot was my leftovers

Lockdown day 27

Tuesday 21 April 2020

7:40am – Another crazy dream, not as fun as the night before. Really can’t be bothered getting out of my cozy bed this morning, but I will. Soon.

8:26am – The recycling bin is fit to burst. We can put it out for general pickup but it pains me to dump things that in a few weeks won’t sit around for a hundred years. I hope under level 3 recycling pickup resumes or the garage is going to get very full.

10:31am – I mentioned yesterday wouldn’t mind a bit more work to do. It’s coming thick and fast. Time for breakfast.

12:11pm – Finding myself watching lots of YouTube clips on Excel graphing functions.

3:01pm – The dog is desperate for attention or a walk.

Ol’ sad eyes

5:49pm – Mr Pigalina is shaving off his lovely beard. A trim would have been sufficient! (Dog had a walk, don’t worry).

8:17pm – The dog is transfixed, watching Eat Well For Less and all of the food on screen . Can confirm, in the spirit of Eat Well For Less that this household are making the permanent swap, thanks to the lockdown, to boxed wine at a saving of at least $10.

9:58pm – Mr Pigalina has gone to bed, I’m watching an interesting video about a maths problem (the Josephus problem) and the dog is very confused as to why we aren’t all in the bedroom.

10:05pm – Ok, now it’s bedtime. I have two bites on my leg and the dog has been itchy the past few days. Do we have fleas?

Lockdown day 26

Monday 20th April 2020 – wherein we will find out if we move from level 4 to 3 this week.

7:45am – Was having the greatest dream, it was like a video game, but I was in it, with pirates and elves and sword fighting. I had just learned to steer the pirate ship and had a cut scene to my future as ruler of the kingdom when it was time to get up and spend the day hunched over a laptop.

10:36am – A later phone meeting today so that will hopefully make the day go a bit faster.

11:32am – Completed very important task of moving the dog’s bed into a sun patch. His snoring confirms he is happy with my work.

12:44pm – Am watching the science and maths homeschooling TV show while I eat lunch.

12:55pm – Doesn’t the Government know a lot of us build our day around the 1pm COVID update? Cancelled again?! Special at 4pm with lockdown announcement too. Better take the dog for a walk instead.

2:57pm – Trying to create graphs using the slowest system evveerrrr over a slow VPN.

3:54pm – Hooray a new daily task, graphing stuff, good. My poor brain was drying up. Almost Prime Minister’s press conference time. Will we remain at level 4? I kind of hope so – we should stay in level 4 until we have a week of zero cases IMHO.

4:05pm – Lockdown level four ending midnight next Monday, then level 3 for two weeks. Great choice.

4:34pm – This will be interesting, we go to level 3 at midnight Monday i.e. first thing Tuesday morning but already it’s going round “level 4 ends on Monday!” Cue sad faces at the KFC drive-through when people realise their error.

10:05pm – Really hoping to have another great dream tonight but I might be missing the vital ingredient – liquorice tea. Watch this space.

Lockdown day 25

Sunday 19th April 2020

11:10am – Managed to miss the start of the Together at Home livestream. Thought it started at noon. Was possibly midnight. While flailing on the floor like some kind of dying snake when doing a workout the dog thinks I’m trying to play and tends to pounce on me. We’d better go for a walk.

11:49am – The dog has arthritis but I’m convinced he is just being stubborn sometimes. Another slow walk that started out at a normal pace until he wasn’t allowed to sniff everything.

1:40pm – My home made face mask came in handy for dog poo pick up duties in the garden.

3:10pm – Dog poo picked up, dinner in the slow cooker, bathroom cleaned and washing folded and put away. Must be time for some fun.

5:00pm – Just back from a secret second walk without the dog.

8:03pm – The weekend whizzed by so fast, cant believe it’s already work again tomorrow.

10:07pm – Fell asleep on the sofa so I guess it’s time for bed.

Lockdown day 23

Friday 17th April 2020

8:26am – No word on if the data I spent three hours re-categorising and graphing was well received so took my time and had an extra long shower this morning.

9:34am – Feel all squidgy but I’m also hungry all the time.

12:12pm – Have lit the fire again due to freezing cold toes and started my fifteen hours of Prince Albert audiobook.

1:39pm – Two more deaths today but only 8 new cases. Boggles my mind when I see other countries with people not taking the lockdown rules seriously.

3:20pm – Every time I think it’s about time to crank up the Xbox seeing as there’s not much happening I get an email or a phone call.

3:49pm – The dog appears to have acid reflux, that will explain all the licking. He sick burped right as I answered a phone call. Probably because he gobbles his food down like a pack of wolves are coming to take it from him.

5:06pm – Just realised I didn’t snack all afternoon following my enormous sandwich at lunchtime made with meat leftover from dinner last night.

Lockdown day 22

Thursday 16th April 2020

8:18am – Mr Pigalina reported this morning that the tin opener has seized up.

8:52am – Today’s coffee is in Mr Pigalina’s lady mug, a gift from me, that was deemed inappropriate for the workplace.

9:52am – Trying to cancel flights to Asia in November.

11:30am – Singapore Airlines says we don’t qualify for a waiver and need to check back later.

11:52am – Yesterday I downloaded an audiobook about Prince Albert. It’s over 15 hours long… Dinner is in the slow cooker, now to write more quizzes for next week’s quizmaster duties. (I had an hour long phone meeting earlier in case you think I’ve done nothing – was productive and hung washing at the same time).

12:29pm – Getting ready to take the dog for a walk and realised this is my first walk since Saturday!

12:52pm – On our walk I saw a poodle with one of those crazy, dog-show, haircuts 🐩. Now heating some soup before the Prime Minister’s press conference at 1pm.

4:09pm – Just when I thought I could start winding down, watch some Coronation Street and play some Xbox I get work rolling in. Wish it would spread itself through the day more.

7:55pm – Finally done with work. Now to finish making dinner.

Lockdown day 21

Wednesday 15th April

9:03am – Another chilly day, have lit the fire.

10:02am – Sitting in front of the fire with the dog for my phone meeting.

11:06am – There has been an avocado in my locker at work for the past three weeks of lockdown. As some kind of experiment I was going to just leave it there and see what state it was in when I went back. I don’t know why! After the phone meeting today it was implied that we might be working from home for longer so I had to give my locker code to a friend who is working from the office to extract the avocado.

11:14am –There were two, and they were furry with mould.

11:37am – Thought I’d pop on some of the new homeschool TV that has started today so I could learn something. It’s Mythbusters.

1:37pm – By choice I am listening in on a Zoom briefing from the Finance Minister.

4:25pm – Just discovered that my local library gives me access to hundreds of movies and audiobooks FOR FREE.

5pm – As its for charity and supporting local business, bought a T-shirt with the man we all see everyday on it – Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Not sure of the opportunities I’ll have to wear it post-COVID but good for historical value.

7:16pm – Picked up online grocery order and they had had to sub out regular onions for teeny pickling ones.

Too wee.

9:20pm – Another evening of miscellaneous viewing; need a good series to watch.

10:07pm – To bed to read while drinking liquorice tea to induce crazy dreams (try it). Last night’s dream involved sharks thanks to What Remains of Edith Finch.

Lockdown day 20

Tuesday 14th April

7:33am – So grateful that I don’t have to go outside. It’s windy and raining and I’m still snuggly in bed.

7:58am – Too lazy (and cold) to have a shower this morning so instead I dressed straight away in a lovely grey ensemble, including grey socks and a grey hat.

8:08am – I’ve thought it for a while but this lockdown has further highlighted it – my job is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things. While not in the office and being caught up in the minutiae of flickering lights, sorting meeting rooms and taking minutes nobody reads it has only highlighted it. Not the right time to be thinking about a career change though.

8:42am – Breakfast is a toasted sandwich using the last two crusts of bread. Somehow the edges were soggy before toasting, hope it’s still edible. Today’s coffee is in the Christmas angel mug. No clue how this one came into our lives but I found an identical one in the stationery cupboard at work once.


10:56am – Pretty slow day at work. I actually have two jobs, have a phone meeting for the other one at 7pm. Will be a long day.

11:18am – Hailing.

11:40am – Taking the afternoon off on annual leave. May as well legitimately do nothing than respond to an email every two hours.

12:30pm – Just received flight credit for flights we can’t take next month due to travel restrictions that I booked with a flight credit from when Metallica cancelled their gig last November.

12:48pm – Big brown mushrooms are thriving on the lawn.


1:34pm – Four new deaths today.

4:10pm – Finally had a shower after catching a whiff of myself. Time to put on a different grey ensemble. My clothes are usually quite colourful but my lounging clothes are very grey.

6:35pm – Ended up having work to do this afternoon! Typical. Also played and completed What remains of Edith Finch? Was a weird and wonderful adventure. First ever Zoom call in a mo.

8:56pm – Mr Pigalina is still working on something for work so I’m binge-watching Modern Family with the dog.