Delta hits NZ – Level 4 incoming

Tuesday 17 August 2021 – Dunedin, NZ

6:35pm – The world’s going to hell in a hand basket, and it all seems a lil familiar. Afghanistan has been taken over by the Taliban, Haiti has had a massive earthquake and we’re going back into lockdown. NZ has the motto of going “hard and fast” (ooh err) so the whole country is going into level 4 lockdown as we have one case of (potential) Delta variant. We smashed it before and we can do it again. It’s only for 3 days, and a week for Auckland where the case is.

I came home from work early today as I wasn’t feeling too well and luckily (?) brought my laptop home with me. (Temperature so far normal). The masks are in the wash, I got groceries yesterday – not nearly enough chips and wine though.

No change to life for Mr Work-from-home-Pigalina. Was relying on a free lunch in my meeting tomorrow so I guess I’m making pasta bake for tea so we have leftovers. Catch ya tomorrow in lockdown.


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