Fourth round – Level 2 day 2

Monday March 1st – Dunedin, NZ

10:17am – Still waiting for my COVID test result.

People online (FB mainly so am avoiding) are losing their minds at the moment asking why everywhere except Auckland (who are in level 3 (i.e. one step down from full lockdown which means stay at home)) is in level 2 “lockdown” as if cars and planes don’t exist. It’s hardly lockdown, shops and cafes are still open – you just can’t have more than 100 people gathering and need to keep ya distance.

1:04pm – Thought I’d better have a shower. I didn’t want to miss my results phone call but risked it.

10:18pm – Off to bed so I can be off to work tomorrow. Now I have the all clear and feel better too I can call in on my Dad tomorrow for his birthday, which was today. His present is tickets to a show that will be in the process of being rescheduled but it’s the thought that counts right?


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