I dunno about you, but it feels like level 2. Fourth round: COVID level 2 – day 1

Sunday February 28 – Dunedin, NZ

11:21am – At 6am this morning Auckand went to level 3 and the rest of us went back to level 2 COVID precautions for 1 week. There are 13 community cases from one cluster and some of those with the virus have been caught out not isolating when they should have been, thus possibly spreading it more around our largest city.

I have just been for a COVID test. I’m hot and clammy, have a weird feeling throat and a gumminess in my sinuses. So thought it best. I then got quite out of breath walking up the small hill back to my car.

It’s unlikely I will have it but you never know – We live in a University city and thousands of new students from around the country have arrived in town; I work in a building with hundreds of people all using the same lifts and was in the North Island two weeks ago and my meeting included people from Auckland and airport time.

It was a stressful drive in to the testing station, my petrol gauge has been screaming at me since yesterday to refuel. When I pulled up at the petrol station I discovered my cards were still at home – thank goodness I hadn’t filled up first! So then, petrol running low and no time to turn back and still make my appointment in time I drove on, making sure to coast down the hills to conserve petrol. Then I seemed to get every traffic light and was dive bombed by a few seagulls with death wishes.

The test itself wasn’t as awful as I was anticipating but it still isn’t something I’ll put my hand up for unnecessarily. It was a weird wiggling feeling on the way in and out and burning sensation under my right eye during which continued all the way home.

4:08pm – They said I don’t have to self isolate and nor does Mr Pigalina but to be safe we’re holed up at home. As Mr Pigalina said “ I don’t want to be on the news…” (The latest case that has pretty much led to the lockdown got tested and then went to the gym, sweating his COVID all over the place).

10:04pm – Another case in Auckland but no result for me yet. Night night.


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