Third round: COVID level 2 – day 3

Wednesday 17th February 2021 – Dunedin, New Zealand

4:26pm – Level 2 is pretty much normality so not a heck of a lot to report. Waiting for the Prime Minister’s announcement at 4:30pm following two more community cases.

One of the lifts was playing up this morning so five of us piled into one with no social distancing because nope to six flights of stairs first thing in the morning.

4:37pm – Where is the update? Managed to take two phone calls while waiting.

4:39pm – Here we go.

4:45pm – Three new cases.

4:47pm – Back to level 1 for us, level 2 for Auckland. That was short and sweet. Catch ya later – hopefully the next spark for the blog won’t be COVID related.


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