Second round: COVID level 2 day 6

Monday 17th August 2020

7:34am – We find out today if the election is postponed. Woke up in the night thinking about work and there’s already an email with something not my problem to deal with. Sigh.

8:25am – I should go back home, it’s gonna be one of those days. I bent my licence plate pulling into my tight car park then almost got taken out by a cyclist on this silly bit of cycle way where it and the footpath swap sides.

8:33am – And I left my laptop at home 😭😭😭 Luckily the guy who will be sitting next to me doesn’t start till next week. I can use his one.

1:06pm – Lunch at my desk to listen to COVID update. Election postponed, nine new cases. Learnings from lockdown was just how much money we wasted buying lunch out (I say we but Mr Pigalina works from home) so I have been very strict on bringing lunch from home despite delicious food trucks parking outside work most days.

4:44pm – Skipped one lift at work as it already had three people in it for social distancing purposes only to have four people pile in with me and the other lady in the lift I did take.


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