Second round: COVID level 2 day 5

Sunday 16th August 2020

9:22am – Like I mentioned last time, level 2 is not terribly different to everyday life apart from trying to socially distance, so we will see if today generates anything out of the ordinary.

1:33pm – 13 more cases, all in Auckland.

3:08pm – Not COVID related but I’m about to attempt to make a macrame shopping bag. The kit says beginner… First I have to cut 36 3 metre long cords. It’s already too hard.

3:38pm – Far out, cutting the cords took half an hour.

4:56pm – Delicious ice cream from the ice cream man. He is very persistent and comes to our neighbourhood every Sunday even in Winter. I heard one of the local kids ask a friend if the ice cream man was wearing a face mask. He was not. Back to knotting my cord.

7:05pm – 2 and a half Lifetime Channel movies down and still only halfway through my bag. (Psycho BFF, High School Lover and the last half of Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal in case you were wondering. I have become quite the connoisseur of Lifetime Channel movies over the past couple of weeks as they are great background fodder. Hot tip – skip Stalked by a reality star and watch High School Lover it has a pretty similar story but way better acting. James Franco is in it. He must have had some bills to pay).

10:13pm – Finally done. Messed up the handles a bit. At least now I have a skill for the zombie apocalypse – I could make hammocks, string vests and bags to carry meagre supplies.

Will probably end up using it for laundry on holidays.


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