Lockdown day 32

Sunday 26th April

11:13am – A bit more productive this morning. Did a bit of tidying in the house and the garden and some laundry. There are loads of little birds hanging out in the garden today. There’s one that looks like a cross between a Piwakawaka and a waxeye.

1:40pm – Went further than we planned on our walk with the dog and the sun came out. So sweaty.

3:30pm – Shoutout to Countdown supermarkets. For dinner I’m going to attempt homemade KFC; we aren’t risking piling in to takeaway stores with half the town when we go to level 3 on Tuesday. I had to pop to the supermarket for a couple of things. I knew that they didn’t have them at Countdown as I had looked last time I was there, so I went to another supermarket. Compared to Countdown, who have a very strict policy on how many people are in the store and a lovely one way system down the aisles, the other supermarket felt like there was little different to a pre-COVID visit. Sure there was a big long queue to get in and someone squirting sanitiser on your hands and some protocol to observe at the checkout but the customers were all up in each other’s grills, going any which way down the aisles and seemed to not care about blocking the way for those of us who were trying to keep out of people’s way. So, slightly better range at the other supermarket but the calmness and order of Countdown wins the day.

3:40pm – I think the hybrid bird is actually a grey warbler. I need to take a photo to confirm.

6:45pm – Had a white pepper explosion while making the KFC coating. It went EVERYWHERE. It’s all I can smell. Not sure how well the chicken will turn out being baked. Might have to give it a light fry at the end for the authentic grease.

7:44pm – Mr Pigalina appeared to enjoy the chicken. All I could taste was the white pepper. Watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – I sincerely hope that Bill and Ted Face The Music (aka Bill and Ted 3) isn’t crap. I love Bill and Ted so much.


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