Lockdown day 31

Saturday 25th April 2020 – ANZAC Day

10:25am – Very lazy morning and no, I didn’t stand at the end of my driveway at dawn to remember the soldiers. I’ll remember them throughout the day instead.

12:06pm – My parcel of inessential items that I preordered to be sent when we go down to level 3 arrived today! Three days before it was supposed to be even sent. Watering can, nectar feeder and a potato masher.

3:26pm – Had a “cinema” lunch date with Mr Pigalina and watched Logan Lucky.

6:34pm – Have spent most of the afternoon playing Afterparty, a game where you have to escape Hell by out-drinking Satan. Mr Pigalina is chatting to our friend Robert in England. Shoutout to Robert!

7:35pm – Crocodile Dundee 2! 🐊🐊

9:57pm – Finished the Beastie Boys documentary from yesterday. Another lazy day.


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