Lockdown day 23

Friday 17th April 2020

8:26am – No word on if the data I spent three hours re-categorising and graphing was well received so took my time and had an extra long shower this morning.

9:34am – Feel all squidgy but I’m also hungry all the time.

12:12pm – Have lit the fire again due to freezing cold toes and started my fifteen hours of Prince Albert audiobook.

1:39pm – Two more deaths today but only 8 new cases. Boggles my mind when I see other countries with people not taking the lockdown rules seriously.

3:20pm – Every time I think it’s about time to crank up the Xbox seeing as there’s not much happening I get an email or a phone call.

3:49pm – The dog appears to have acid reflux, that will explain all the licking. He sick burped right as I answered a phone call. Probably because he gobbles his food down like a pack of wolves are coming to take it from him.

5:06pm – Just realised I didn’t snack all afternoon following my enormous sandwich at lunchtime made with meat leftover from dinner last night.


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