Lockdown day 22

Thursday 16th April 2020

8:18am – Mr Pigalina reported this morning that the tin opener has seized up.

8:52am – Today’s coffee is in Mr Pigalina’s lady mug, a gift from me, that was deemed inappropriate for the workplace.

9:52am – Trying to cancel flights to Asia in November.

11:30am – Singapore Airlines says we don’t qualify for a waiver and need to check back later.

11:52am – Yesterday I downloaded an audiobook about Prince Albert. It’s over 15 hours long… Dinner is in the slow cooker, now to write more quizzes for next week’s quizmaster duties. (I had an hour long phone meeting earlier in case you think I’ve done nothing – was productive and hung washing at the same time).

12:29pm – Getting ready to take the dog for a walk and realised this is my first walk since Saturday!

12:52pm – On our walk I saw a poodle with one of those crazy, dog-show, haircuts 🐩. Now heating some soup before the Prime Minister’s press conference at 1pm.

4:09pm – Just when I thought I could start winding down, watch some Coronation Street and play some Xbox I get work rolling in. Wish it would spread itself through the day more.

7:55pm – Finally done with work. Now to finish making dinner.

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