Lockdown day 21

Wednesday 15th April

9:03am – Another chilly day, have lit the fire.

10:02am – Sitting in front of the fire with the dog for my phone meeting.

11:06am – There has been an avocado in my locker at work for the past three weeks of lockdown. As some kind of experiment I was going to just leave it there and see what state it was in when I went back. I don’t know why! After the phone meeting today it was implied that we might be working from home for longer so I had to give my locker code to a friend who is working from the office to extract the avocado.

11:14am –There were two, and they were furry with mould.

11:37am – Thought I’d pop on some of the new homeschool TV that has started today so I could learn something. It’s Mythbusters.

1:37pm – By choice I am listening in on a Zoom briefing from the Finance Minister.

4:25pm – Just discovered that my local library gives me access to hundreds of movies and audiobooks FOR FREE.

5pm – As its for charity and supporting local business, bought a T-shirt with the man we all see everyday on it – Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Not sure of the opportunities I’ll have to wear it post-COVID but good for historical value.

7:16pm – Picked up online grocery order and they had had to sub out regular onions for teeny pickling ones.

Too wee.

9:20pm – Another evening of miscellaneous viewing; need a good series to watch.

10:07pm – To bed to read while drinking liquorice tea to induce crazy dreams (try it). Last night’s dream involved sharks thanks to What Remains of Edith Finch.


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