Lockdown day 13

Tuesday 7th April 2020

7:58am – Am on day 14 of also not wearing deodorant, giving the armpits a wee break.

8:48am – Today’s coffee is in the Dolly Parton mug again and today’s T-shirt (the ones that don’t get worn often are all getting a turn as T-shirts are now a seven day a week operation instead of just for weekends) is my counterfeit Queen one from the gig earlier this year. I was going to buy a real one but they sold out of my size, I did buy a poster though so Queen made some more money out of me on top of ticket price. The poster cost more than my fake T-Shirt…

9:03pm – Had to save a large Excel spreadsheet as a one A4 page PDF, Google to the rescue again. Just thinking about the office at work and remembered the time I saw the keeper of the lolly jar stirring the lollies with the handle end of a pair of scissors. That was the end of me eating any of those.

10:35am – No energy drinks in the house. None came with the online grocery order. Noooooo.

1:25pm – Struggling a bit with the motivation today. Watched Coronation Street and a bit of a show about shipwrecks in the Black Sea over lunch. Chugging through some wage subsidies but wondering if the fact it’s going smoothly so far means I’m doing something wrong or I’m about to strike a really curly one.

2:13pm – The dog is also struggling with motivation. He’s been in his bed all day (lucky). Could be the rain.


3:17pm – Watched a Policeman reading Hairy Maclary online.

3:36pm – The dog has finally moved, he is now sleeping on the sofa.

4:55pm – Burning the confidential personal information I’ve been scribbling down while processing subsidies.

5:11pm – It’s pretty safe to say my cucumber vine is dead.

6:00pm – Just spent the last half an hour playing “Where’s Geoff?” with the dog. Geoff has had many incarnations, he is currently a Tigger but has previously been a dinosaur and a dog. Where’s Geoff? involves hiding Geoff around the house for the dog to find and bring back in exchange for a treat. Once hidden you proclaim “Where’s Geoff?!” And the dog runs off to find him using a combination of his nose and eyes (and sometimes it seems he uses neither as he stands bewildered right next to Geoff). He tries to peek too, very sneaky.

The current Geoff.

7:51pm – Great British Bake-off is the feel-good TV we all need right now. Noel’s Tiger jumper is *chef kiss*.

10:09pm – Off to bed after a documentary on Edward VI. Crazy to think how young he was and poor old Lady Jane Grey too. I’d always assumed, with such a name she was in her 20s at least yet she died aged 16 or 17 having been married and technically Queen for 9 days.


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