No Change Here

As I was heading home, standing at the traffic lights, a man said “[Pigalina] isn’t it?”. “Yeah! How are you?”
We then had a good catch up about what we were doing these days. He is about to do PhD study in some subject that went way my head. I am working in a much loathed government department.
As we parted I was left with a nagging doubt. It had taken me about thirty seconds to realise that it wasn’t who I had originally thought it was, it was a different guy, one from school who I hadn’t seen since 1999 (showing my age). But was it? Was it really?
This person was about two feet taller, way thinner in the face.
Apart from a change to clothing, a couple of wrinkles and office ass, I look pretty much the same as I did back in high school.
Thank goodness I didn’t mention any names during our conversation!
(Pictured Pigalina then and now).


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