Citizen Pigalina

Pigalina is British but has lived in New Zealand for 20 years next month. I already refer to New Zealanders as “us” and “we” so time to make it official.
This could have happened a number of years ago when the rest of my family were applying, but we all got way-laid and it was delayed for a year or so. Then, once it was back on track, I was informed that the previous offer to have the fee paid for me was rescinded – “You earn enough, you can pay for it yourself.”. Oh.
So, four years or so after the rest of my family, today I went to my appointment. I was out of there after ten minutes. I had expected it to take longer, especially with the questions in the form about if I have ever manufactured chemical weapons or been a member of a terrorist organization. Although I had ticked “No”.


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