William Heart Outside

William went to the vet today for teeth cleaning. As he had an anesthetic he is supposed to stay indoors for at least 24 hours due to hypothermia risk. He had to stay inside overnight too which he wasn’t too pleased about, despite the rare treat of sleeping on our bed.

When I got him home, I set up a litter tray and popped him on his favorite chair for a nap. He didn’t want to do that. I tried him on a cushion. Nope. He tap tap tapped on the cat flap, desperate to get outside. I moved him away. Half an hour later he was at it again. Each time I went to move him away I found him sitting with his paw pressed against it, like a prisoner at visiting time.

I have given up and he is outside in the sun having the time of his life. If the vet reads this I am in big trouble…


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