Huzzah! Walking Dead (game) season 2 is here!

You may have read a ranty post, written when I learned that Walking Dead Game Season 2 was not scheduled for an NZ, Ireland or Russian release after they let us play the whole of season 1 and let us fall head over heels for Clementine.

Today I downloaded Season 2, 2 months behind the rest of the world but I was so excited that we hadn’t missed out completely.  The decisions I had made in season 1 and the add- on game 400 days would impact on my season 2 gameplay so I was eager to make sure that they were imported.  After a farcical half hour trying to ensure that the save games spread across 2 Xboxes and the cloud were in sync I had to restart season 1 from episode 2.  There was no way, after getting so emotionally attached to Clementine, and shedding tears at the end of season 1, I was leaving season 2 to randomization. 

(Apart from cleaning and a trip to the supermarket, nothing else happened today).



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