No Zombies for Furious Pigalina

Ever since the release for season 2 of Telltale’s Walking Dead Game was announced I had been happier than a pig(alina) in mud.  It was marked on my calendar and I had a whole afternoon set aside to play.  18th December rolled around and my Xbox dashboard was bare.  “Not available in your region”.  I tried the next day, nothing, the day after that – still now joy.

I emailed Telltale, have had no reply (they may have me on the naughty list after a very ranty email I sent them earlier this year when my WD1 saves kept failing – a bug experienced by many around the world yet one Telltale claim they were unable to replicate…); Xbox were unable to help.

I turns out, out, despite us having had Season 1, the 400 days add on and other Telltale games such as The Wolf Among Us there is no planned release for Season 2 in New Zealand, Ireland and Russia.  No explanation has been given, the notion that NZ authorities had not classified it is false, it it is showing on the classification website as having been rated R16.  We can’t even say “Shut Up, and take my money!” As nobody is talking (except Telltale Mike on the forum who crushes the dreams of 32 year old women who want to kill zombies).

I am fast losing patience with Telltale which is a pity as they make some great games.  This is where they hold the power, they know we will part with our cash for their other games so they have little to lose by not offering explanations or fixing bugs.

After seeing my disappointment as I trudged off to work on the day I had planned to play, bottom lip sticking out, Mr Pigalina bought me Bioshock Infinite to play instead.  Because Telltale aren’t the only company that make games.  They need to remember that.


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