What to do? What to do?

Those who follow Pigalina’s Palace will know that I started out long ago reviewing movies and moaning about working in retail. Then, 6 years ago when I got a job in a government department, I abandoned my beloved blog for a while as we are super tightly bound by the Privacy Act. Anything that can be deemed to identify an individual is a breach, and therefore a paddling. Also a firing.

So, when I discovered the 365 day photo challenge I latched onto it as a way to keep on bloggin’. Now my 365 days have come to an end and I am kind of in limbo. A theme kept me on track and meant that I updated more regularly but I need one with less commitment than an update everyday. Sometimes I have days where literally nothing of note happens but I still had to try and make a photo out of it. I propose that this year’s theme will be “Pigalina Does New Things”. It will help me look at my life in a different light as they may be big and they may be small – it will also encourage me to try new experiences.


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