365 day photo challenge September 11

A madness possessed me today. I went to the hairdresser for a trim and instead had over 1ft of hair chopped off. Ten years of the same haircut and finally a change! Here is the obligatory mirror self portrait.


7 thoughts on “365 day photo challenge September 11

  1. Actually looks awesome – congratulations!
    I read a giant wall of text on haircuts and facial shapes once and this seems win based off that too.

    I actually came here to see if you’d reviewed Snow White and the Huntsman – I’m attempting to finish watching it in a second sitting and need someone to describe to me why it’s so frustratingly bad.

  2. OK, so I watched it and I wanted to hate it but I really didn’t! I will watch again and get a review up – I usually later, rinse, repeat. Or watch, rewatch and note.

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